Back to School Essentials

Back to School Essentials

When I'm in my dorm room, I wake up every morning asking myself "should I feed the children today?" Meaning, should I dress up and give the campus life? Usually, the answer is "they can wait" but on Wednesdays, you'll always catch me in a look.  From those wide-legged striped pants to those over-sized geeky frames, my back to school esstentials will have you at the center of attention.




Ted Baker Bag

When I'm styling and profiling on campus, I always have a sicking book-bag, briefcase, satchal, etc..

Geeky Frames

If you want to look smarter than you actually are, buy a pair of these geeky frames to be extra studious,

Striped Pants

Stripes are in, I repeat stripes are in ! Go get you a pair of striped pants to upgrade your style on campus. 


College T-Shirt


If you're a current college student, surley you have some sort of school gear in your closet. 


One of my goals this semester is to stay organized and stick to my goals. The best way to keep your life together is a planner. 


Runner Shoe

Going around campus, you need a comfy shoe to walk from point A to Point B.