How To Casually Style A Suit

How To Casually Style A Suit

The only thing I love more than bow-ties are well tailored suits. From 11th grade prom to my junior year in college, my obsession with suits has granted me some of my most iconic fashion moments. In this post I'm going to break down three ways to style a suit for a normal day in the city. Sites to shop: Topman, Twisted Tailor, or you can thrift a suit and get it tailored! (smart idea)

Hoodie x Suit

Sometimes it can be be hard to dress down a suit because blazers have very structured silhouettes. However, adding a hoodie underneath creates a more rounded figure and a more casual look. This style is very comfortable for the upcoming fall. Add some accessories to spice it more. 

IG: igeeokafor

IG: igeeokafor

casual X Suit

This is one of my favorite ways to dress down a sui t-- t-shirt and low top shoes. Personally I like coordination, so a simple tee paired with matching shoes can tie everything back together without looking like you're trying too hard. I would suggest lightweight fabrics for the summer.  

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prints x Suit

From stripes to floral, styling printed suits are the perfect way to command a room. Choose prints that are fashionable yet not too extra. You should stay away from florals that make you look like your grandmother's mattress pad from 1963. Just like the casual suit, if you wear prints you can make the shirt/sweater something simple but not overly coordinated with the suit.