Winter Essentials 19'

Winter Essentials 19'

My winter break has been nothing short of amazing but whew chile it is time for me to update my winter wardrobe. Thankfully, my friend and fellow blogger Keiarra has me covered! We both roamed the internet to find some of our favorite “winter essentials,” to help our followers stay warm and still be the spotlight of attention. We meet up for brunch to snap a couple of pictures and document this iconic faux fur moment. Check out our winter essentials list below. Also, be sure to head over to Keiarra’s blog for more cool winter ideas! (


Bashel’s Top Picks

I wanted to focus on earthy tones that are very neutral like brown, olive green, and a dark majestic yellowish/orange. The winter is also a great time to play with textures, so I wore a fur coat with leather gloves and a crocodile crossover bag.

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 2.16.36 PM.png

Leather Gloves


Crocodile Fanny Pack

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 2.14.41 PM.png



Keiarra’s Top Picks

Keiarra’s look was the pop of color I needed on such a gloomy day in Atlanta. She mixed shades of brown and orange to match her vibrant hair. Her wide leg pants paired with a rib textured turtleneck gave her body a nice shape. Also, the faux fur coat was the perfect way to tie everything together.


Fur Coat




Wide-Leg Pants