Color Alert: Yellow

Color Alert: Yellow

This s%#t is bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S.... That's right, bright banana yellow is one color you should try out this season. From Kendal Jenner to Miguel, celebrities are embracing the sun.Personally, I never thought I'd see the day that yellow became one of my favorites, but hey it's happening. I selected a few items that should inspire some of your yellow spring/summer looks. (click on images for website) 

1. Yellow short-shorts 

For those of you who can bask in the LA sun a little earlier, these yellow short shorts are calling your name. Pairing this with a floral print short sleeve shirt will give you the perfect spring look.

2. Yellow Puffer Vest

This puffer is more for the spring than summer, unless you plan to wear it shirtless lol. You might have seen ASAP Rocky in a darker puffer from Balenciaga similar to this one.  

3. Yellow Adidas Slides 

I love a good ole laid back adidas slide! If you plan on going to the beach or chilling out in the house, add some yellow to your day with these slids. 

4. Yellow two-piece

At this point, there is no such thing as too much yellow. Try out a two-piece with a neutral color shirt and watch how much your beautiful skin pops (shoutout to that melanin) . Also, add some gold or yellow jewlerly to compliment the bright color. 

5. Dark Yellow Frames

These frames could definitely upgrade your outfit from a simple daytime look to stylish streetwear. No matter the shade of yellow, you'll shine bright through the streets.