Birthday Post: 20 Something

Birthday Post: 20 Something

It's my 20th BIRTHDAY 07/22!!! I'm super grateful to be entering my 20s so accomplished, well traveled, and carefree. How many people can actually say they've traveled to 6 different countries, been in 3 national newspapers, and received a letter from the former First-Lady Michelle Obama before 20?  Not many... So, for my 20th Birthday I wanted to share 20 Life Lessons I've learned before the age of 20. 

20 Life Lessons


1. Put yourself first

2. You can't control everything, don't stress 

3. You can't cut everybody off, you need friends

4. Admit when you're wrong, we're human

5. Ask for help, we don't know it all

6. Always carry a pen and gum 

7. Put all events in your Google Calendar 

8. Don't compare yourself to others 

9. Don't let social media control you

10. Relationships are overrated 

11. Support your friends 

12. Money is the root to all evil (FACTS)

13. It's ok to change your mind 

14. Chase your dreams now!

15. Explore the world, don't stay in a box.  

16. You don’t have to have it all figured out.

17. Take time for yourself 

18. There's a difference between listening and hearing 

19. Put your phone down 


Birthday Turn Up w/ Friends 

Birthday Turn Up w/ Friends 

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