8 Queer POC Content Creators You Should Know About

8 Queer POC Content Creators You Should Know About

Happy Pride Month to all the beautiful LGBTQ+ people out there that continue to slay through life and shift culture. With the lack of queer people in media and even less representation of queer POC, I thought it was important to highlight some of the content creators that stand out to me . From bloggers, to YouTubers, to beauty influencers this list will give you some new favs. Be sure to comment some of your personal favorite LGBTQ+ content creators below.


1. Zachary Campbell 

Zach is like the gay bestfriend we all want, he's funny, caring, and can throw a whole shade tree while simultaneously giving you life advice lol. Most known for being featured on Beyonce's Formation tour, Zach is a staple in the queer Youtube community. Watch his recent reaction video to "Everything Is Love" below.

2. DreBae 

Whether he's tweeting to his followers about a social issue or rapping witty lyrics about being Elegant, DreBae is for sure someone to keep up with on social media. Followed by some of our favorite divas like Nicki Minaj, Saweetie, Kehlani and more... DreBae continues to push the boundaries of rap to make a name for himself. Check out his latest single featuring Young Tina Snow (Meghan Thee Stallion).

3. Nikita Dragun 

I first learned about Nikita after all of her iconic Coachella looks went viral on the gram. The MUVA of Draguns, beauty guru and social media influencer has been very open about her experiences as a trans woman in the YouTube community. If you're looking for style inspo and makeup tips she's your girl. Check out her latest videos on YouTube. 

4.  TaRek Ali

If you need a good ole kiki, Tarek is your guy. From traveling the world, to getting his own YouTube segment on MTV Tarek Ali is definitely living his best life. As a fellow barb, I stumbled upon his reaction video to a Nicki song and could not stop laughing. Since then, I've followed his journey as a YouTuber and it's been inspiring to watch. Aside from laughter, Tarek provides his "TaeBabies" with advice, scholarship apps and resources to succeed in life. Check out his latest video.

5. Allison Graham


 Allison Graham gives her unique approach to "menswear" clothing and continues to challenge the limitations of fashion. Allison has been featured in Buzzfeed, DapperQ,  ScenarioUSA,  FlowerCrown and more. If you ever need style advice or inspiration, Allison's blog is definetly a go-to. 

IG: SheDoesHim

6. Leyna Boom  

Leyna, the timeless beauty that stole the spotlight at Laquan Smith's FA17 Fashion Show. Her distinct features and banging body for sure demands the crowd, however what makes her stand out the most is her story. Becoming one of the first openly tras models to be featured in Vogue India was legendary. Y'all be better get into Ms. Bloom honey.  

IG: LeynaBloom

7.  Mike Styled 


Bringing all the swagged out Brooklyn heat to my Instagram feed, MikeStyled for sure knows how to put together a look. Mike's blog is a rendition of Pokemon gotta catch them all. His take on style has helped me with seasonal trends and even scents to wear for the holidays. Mike has been very open about his sexuality and was one of the first bloggers to reach out to me! Check out some of his inconic looks on the gram.

IG: MikeStyled                                              

8. Life of Jaee

Last but not least, Life of Jaee! He is fairly new to the YouTube scene but honestly that means nothing at all. Jaee's reaction videos are hilarious.One of things I like most about Jaee is his big personality and transparency within his videos. Jaee has a wide range of video topics but check out my favorite video above. 

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