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5 Tips For Valentines Day

LifestyleBashel Lewis
5 Tips For Valentines Day

We've all been there before, it's February 14th AGAIN and you're still single. Luckily, in the words Michael Jackson, "you are not alone." Check out my top 5 tips to fight the Valentine's Day Blues. 

1. Go To Dinner With Friends

A friendship is just like a relationship- stressful. You argue with friends, talk about life with friends, budget with friends, and some even make-out with friends. But all jokes aside, friends are there to support you in your lonely times. Call a couple of them and make a reservation at your favorite restaurant. Food+Friends= Happiness  

2.  Watch A Random Netflix Series

I know this sounds miserable, but it's not ! Watching TV helps you escape from reality and just bask in the glory we call entertainment. Personally, I'll be watching Flavor of Love all day . If you don't have a Netflix account just use your ex's account , howboutdat ? (got to remember those passwords)

3. Go To The Club

You're not the only single person out there. Going to the club will make you feel normal again. Grab yourself a drink and mingle with others.  You never know, that special someone may be at the bar.

4. Treat Yourself

"If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?" -RuPaul Always remember that you don't need anyone else to make you happy ! I know plenty of people that are single and plan to be that way for years (even though they're usually the first one's to be married *sips tea*). Go to the mall and shop like you don't have rent, go to the bar and drink like you don't have work, or sleep like there is no tomorrow.

5. Accept That You're Single

It's ok to admit that you're single. And it's actually ok to look on social media and see the love filled posts from friends. Just carry on like it's a normal day and know that love isn't for everyone. Or this year may not  be the year for you. Stop trying to fight Valentines Day, just let it happen .