How To Be An Instagram Baddie 2.0

How To Be An Instagram Baddie 2.0

Back by popular demand, How To Be An Instagram Baddie 2.0 is finally here! On my last post I talked about how to perfectly edit a picture and finding the right filters, but this time I'll show you the more technical side of Instagram. What do I mean? Read below...

1. Location


Choosing the perfect location for your shot is fundamental!! Since people view hundreds of photos a day, your photo needs to stand out amongst the rest. For example, this vibrant fruit stand at my old university center made for the perfect backdrop. Keep in mind the colors you are wearing and how the location can bring out the details in your outfit. 

2. Details  

3. Caption


Captions will always get far on Instagram. You want to stay up to date on the latest songs to put it as your caption or even get interactive with your followers by asking a question. Being an Instagram baddie is beauty and brains.  

4. videos


Moving pictures are very popular since the Queen Bey started doing video montages featuring songs. You want to be creative and fun but make sure it fits the flow of your page.

5. be Creative


My favorite thing about colorful pictures is the opportunity to play around with different edits. I usually use snapchat to attach emojis to the picture to add flavor. If you're a photo editing pro you can easily do this on an adobe photo editor.  

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