How To Style Summer Pastels

How To Style Summer Pastels

Last week it was all about the beauty of Lilac. This week, I'm going to share with you a few tips on how to style those summer pastels. I teamed up with fellow blogger and friend, Vicci, to bring you some cool looks. Also, please do yourself a favor and go check out her amazing blog, VOGUE & VIGOUR for more style inspritation.  


Finding your Pastel  

Finding a Pastel that compliments your skin tone could be difficult. However, when you go to the store just put a couple of colors next to your skin and see which one pops. 

Ways To Style


So, once you've found your favorite pastel, it may be hard to move on, and that's ok. Sticking to one color and keeping it simple is a great way to make a statement. For example, I chose to do a lilac Tommy Hilfiger polo, with a pair of lilac shorts from Topman. To add more color, I just wrapped a turquoise swear around my neck. To the right, Rihanna is slaying through the streets of NYC in her pastel two-piece. 

Pastels with neutrals

Wearing pastels with neutral colors make them pop even more. Vicci has on a textured lilac purple top and paired it with jeans, making the top stand out. I even decided to add some neutral colors by wearing brown shoes with my outfit. Also, if you think pastels and neutrals are too simple, add accessories.

Mix & Match 

Mixing pastels and prints is always fun. I almost feel like you're trying to crack a code. In the summer, try to put prints together and make a cool layout. Usually, if you pair a sweater with a button down it makes for an easy combo. Look at the photos for some inspiration.