Campus Casual

Campus Casual

Styling around campus could go one or two ways, really bad or really good. I'm usually the person that does the absolute "MOST" just to go to class.This results in early morning sprints to 9am lectures and little to no breakfast. Yet, there are some days that we just want to wear joggers and a hoodie. In this post, I'm going to share a few tips on how to put together a simple campus casual look.  

Outfit details: shirt (PacSun), blazer (asos), trousers (topman), shoes (zara)

The Smart Casual

Wearing a pair of slacks is like wearing a pair of joggers for me. Dress pants are usually really easy to style and a quick way to make a look. You can wear a graphic tee, a polo shirt, or even a hoodie to match the slacks. Then, your overcoat could be a blazer, jean-jacket, or bomber jacket.

The Stressed Out College Student

Owwwee I know we all love this one. The "stressed out college student" is definitely a LOOK! Wearing an oversized hoodie or college apparel with joggers is the best way to go.  To make this a little more stylish, add accessories. (hat, flannel, messenger bag) Also, sometimes just throwing stuff on and walking out the door is a statement lol. 

The Stunt Queen/King/Ping

This look is for when you want to feel like you run the entire the campus.  75% of this requires confidence and the other 25% is a statement piece. For example, if you have a new fur coat, bright jacket, or printed pants make that the focus of the outfit. The easiest way to start making an outfit, for me, is working around a piece. So, when shopping look for edgy things that will make you stunt on campus.  


Photos of me by: Miguel Dovale  No copy rights intended for any photos used in this post.