New Color: Lilac

New Color: Lilac

The sun's out and it's time for those pastels to make a grand entrance. Lilac has always been a color that stood out to me, but it never made an appearance in my wardrobe. Now, with the flowers blooming and sales popping, COPERS its time to stunt in your favorite lavender/lilac purple pieces. (Click items for website.) 

The Shades: Get ready for the summer with a cool pair of shades! 


The Jacket: This is the jacket I'm wearing in my photos. Complete your look with this piece.  

The Slides: Hit the pool or chill out around the house with these lilac slides.


The Watch: What time is it? Oh let me check my stylish watch... 

The Pants: You can never go wrong with distressed colored jeans.

The hoodie: I'm buying this soon! Super comfortable hoodies are my favorite.