New Years Spotlight: 2017

New Years Spotlight: 2017

What's the biggest lesson you've learned in 2017?

MIND YOUR BUSINESS !!! I've never realized how far minding your own business and staying in your lane can get you. Don't worry about no one else but you.

What was your biggest accomplishment in 2017? 

My biggest accomplishment would be realizing my potential. For so long, I didn't know my place in the world but now I know exactly where I fit into the equation.  

What was your favorite song, artist, or album this year? 

- My favorite song of the year is "Did You See" by J Hus

-My favorite album was ctrl, every single song !!!  

What are your goals for next year?  

I want to continue blogging and hopefully get a sponsorship from a brand. Also, I want to get better with finance, increase my knowledge on investing/stock, and read more. (reading is fundamental -RuPaul voice)I'm starting a new project that I think you all will be excited about, so we'll see. 

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