Lemons to Lemonade

Lemons to Lemonade
Photos by: Amy Otnes

Photos by: Amy Otnes


Thanks to Beyonce we’ve all had our fair share of lemonade. Some like it sweet (southern folk), some like it bitter and some don’t like it at all. Similarly, this year has been filled with sweet and sour moments. So, for this blog post I’ve decided to highlight some ways in which you can make lemons into lemonade.


“When life gives you lemons ask it for sugar and water too. Otherwise your final product would be some acidic lemon juice!” ― priyavrat gupta

As Millennials and Gen Z’ers, I feel like we romanticize the idea of being independent. However, seeking support and asking for help is ok. Instead of looking at success as a journey of one, you should look at it as a collaborative effort of many. You are the product of your family’s sacrifices, your teacher’s labor, and many friends. So when life gets hard, breathe, think ,and ask for help.

“When life hands you lemonade, don't try to make lemons” - Vince Guthrie

Sometimes we already have lemonade but aren’t satisfied with the taste. So, instead we revert back to lemons rather than adding the proper ingredients. In life you’ll have many opportunities. These opportunities can come in the form of lessons, money, or even relationships. When they presents themselves to you, think about how this opportunity came about, who helped you get there and what this means for your future. Don’t miss out on opportunities by not appreciating them. Learning how to embrace new experiences and stepping outside of your comfort zone will help you look at your glass half full, not half empty.

“When life gives you lemons, grab the tequila too.”— Unknown (I would say this)

Every once in a while (if you’re over 21) we need a little liquor courage to get us going. The older you get the more you realize how important it is to take risks. Experiencing a setback can sometimes feel like the end of the world; however, you are not defined by your mistakes. So, what are the risks that you took that didn’t pay off? Try again. You have one life to live, being complacent will get you nowhere.