Insecurities 1-on-1

Insecurities 1-on-1

Even with all the love in the world, insecurity always finds a way to creep into my mind. These insecurities are partially due to societal norms/expectations, haters, and self-doubt. It seems like every time I'm happy and carefree the devil wants to keep me down. Check out my full interview about insecurities below... 

What are you most insecure about? 

Oh gosh, there's so much that I'm insecure about but to be honest most of it is so superficial that I'm embarrassed to even say. For example, I hate the gaps on the side of my teeth. Every time Bodak Yellow comes on and Cardi spits, "Got a bag and fixed my teeth" I feel it in my spirit. Also, when I was in 4th grade I cracked my skull and it made a scar in the back of my head. I can barely see it but if someone were to point it out I would be so aware.

Do you think your insecurities affect your love life or relationships with people in general? 

Ummmm, I haven't been in a relationship since high school so that's that... When I first meet someone I try to look as perfect as possible but if you still like me while I look like the HELP that's a good sign. Other insecurities like being cheated on are the least of my concerns.

How do you overcome insecurity? 

Rihanna said it best, "Once you learn to love yourself, you wouldn't want to be anyone else." I spent years trying to be this person that other people wanted me to be, but as soon as I started to just be Bashel it felt sooooo much better. 

Do you think being insecure only relates to Physical traits?  

No not at all! People are insecure about grades, talent, status, sexuality, etc... For me, I struggle more with physical insecurities because blogging is such a public thing to do. People don't know me, they know a persona on Instagram and from that, they make their own assumption. Like people think I'm 5'11 - 6 ft tall and I'm literally 5'8 lol. 

What advice do you have for others who may have insecurities? 

Live your best life, regardless of what people have to say. The average person lives until 70 and if you're black, break that number in half because they killing us every day. So if you only got a few years to live and 18 of those years were under someone else's control, do you think I'm going to conform when I can finally live my own life? HELL NO