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10 Things To Do In College

Bashel LewisComment
10 Things To Do In College

College List 

1. Give or Go On A School Tour

I was a tour guide for my school for two years and it was one of the best jobs EVER. Interacting with people and exploring your campus allows you to continue to admire the beauty of college. 

2. Open A Saving Account

Soon you'll be an adult filing taxes and buying a home. Opening a saving account is just the foundation. 

3. Go To A Conference

Get out and network with peers at a conference. I made a goal to attend one conference per semester. Share some conferences below! 

4. Join Or Start A Club

Clubs are the perfect way to get involved on campus. Share your inTEREST with other people and bond over politics, fashion, marketing, etc... 

5. Study Abroad  

Traveling the world is something everyone should strive to do. Take advantage of the immersive experience you can get abroad because of your school's relationship with the program. 

6. Take An Acting Class

An acting class will allow you to tune into your emotions and take the stress off of those intense math classes.

7. Go To A Sports Event

It doesn't matter if you're at a D1 or D3 school, sporting events are a great way to show some school spirit. 

8. Throw A Party

Put down your books and get ready for some fun. We all love a good party with hype music. Also, charge $5 at the door to pay for rent lol. 

9. Get An Internship

Get ahead of the game and gain some work experience by getting an internship. It's important to build your resume in college. 

10. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

I went to sleep writi..... this.