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Spring Essentials 18'

Bashel LewisComment
Spring Essentials 18'
Photographer: Rachel Miller 

Photographer: Rachel Miller 



Feelings of Spring always heighten my anticipation of school almost being over, the pink cherry blossom trees, and Easter. This season, it's all about the accessories. Check out my Spring Essentials below..... 

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Snapbacks are out style, get with the winning team and rock a Beret for the Spring.

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JeepersPeepers Offical 

Sunglasses are the perfect accessory for the Spring. JeepersPeepers always offer quality frames for cheap prices.

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Flight Bag

My newest obsession is a stylish flight bags. Small and compact but just enough to complete a look.

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Love Simon

A classic love story of a 17-year old boy falling in love with an anonymous  classmate. 

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Fenty Puma SP'18


At this point Rihanna is selling everything. Her Puma x Fenty SP'18 set the standard for the new sporty trend. 

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Invasion of Privacy 

The new "IT" girl Cardi B is finally dropping her highly anticipated album.  


Trader Joe's Plantain Chips 

This is the perfect healthy snack for sunny Spring days. 


Coconut Oil 

Make sure you keep your skin moisturized and shinning. 


Cup O' Coffe

One of my favorite Lush products to use when exfoliating.