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Bashel LewisComment

If you're anything like me, you love color-coordinated outfits. I always find myself matching my shorts with my shirt, or my bag to my shoes, etc.. And recently I've been into monochromatic outfits. You may be wondering, what does monochromatic mean? Well, " mono" means one and "chromatic" means color so in simple terms a monochromatic outfit is an outfit that consists of the same color/tones. The colors can come in different shades, textures, and tints but its the idea of rocking one color/color platte (I slick may be wrong lol). 

tips: How TO Wear Monochrome 

1. Pick A Color 

The first step is to pick a color that looks good on your skin. After picking a color you should think about the varying shades of that color and how they can all work together. Once, the shading is figured out think about textures and patterns. For example, the pants can be black leather and the shirt black silk- same color different effects. 

Suggested Colors: Black,Grey, Red, Blue, Green. 

2. Select Statement Pieces 

When styling monochromatic outfits, there is no in-between. It's either really simple or hella extra. I love a sleek monochromatic two-piece or people who use accessories to bring out the color. For example, Rihanna's pink monochromatic outfit (image above) is paired with a lavish pink fur. Select pieces that look good together and textures that compliment one another. 

Suggested Patterns: Gingham, Vertical Stripes  

3. Don't Over-Do It 

The last tip is to not over do it. Though monochrome is fun, some people have failed at this concept.