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Travel: Hawaii

Bashel LewisComment
Travel: Hawaii

Aloha! It’s finally spring break and that means I can relax. For my last official break in undergrad, I wanted to do something that would be memorable. My friends suggested places like Cabo, Cancun, and Jamaica. But, thanks to United Vacations we were able to find an affordable package deal that included flights + hotel for under $500 to Hawaii.

Stepping off the plane I could feel the fresh air and sun beaming on my skin (bring sunscreen!).The beaches were clean, the water seemed pure, and the people were amazing. My friend Nimiye continued to sing the Moana soundtrack and honestly I don’t blame her. Hawaii is one those places you hear about but never know if you’ll get a chance to see. Thankfully, I was blessed to experience the beauty of Waikiki before leaving college. Expect to see me back soon!


Hawaii is known for their famous laui food, fresh pineapples, and poke bowls. I’m usally opposed to raw fish and pork but I stepped outside of my comfort-zone. My favorite meals were definitely during brunch. Here are a list of recommendations:

  • Sweet E’s

  • Health Bar

  • Heavenly Island Lifestyle

  • ONO Poke Bowl

  • Japanese Market in Aloa Moana

  • Duke's Waikiki

  • Tanaka of Tokyo


Every where you go in Hawaii feels like an excursion. As the wind blows and the sun beams it feels refreshing to be in such a beautiful place. We had a lot of excursions planned but we took our time with each stop. Here is a list of our excursiouns with price.

  • Boat Cruise $50

  • Diamond Head Hike $1

  • Kailua Beach FREE

  • Waikiki Beach FREE

  • Snorkeling $70

  • PlayBar Club $5 but $1drinks (yess)