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The student life

“A victim of bullying, Lewis looked to fashion as a creative outlet, and found solace in continuing to experiment with his style.”

national public radio

“The next year, Lewis became the youngest member of a new grassroots group, the Westside Atlanta Land Trust.”

The Participant- Pitzer

“Whether online or in person, Lewis embraces the role of mentor. He knows the value of someone investing in your success.”

Monochrome ego

“He is one of my favorite bloggers who inspires me and always switches up the game!”

just over twenty- ITnu

“Bashel is the definition of a creative! He’s one person I’ve meet where that label is true.”

Mike styled

“I’m not sure where or how I found Cope Fashion, but I’m lowkey bitter I didn’t discover this great blog a lot sooner! “

that black boy joy

“He uses color to contrast ideas with a dope blog! Shoutout to Bashel for still being in school.”

the real

“It's not often that little black boys, like myself, get chosen for a game show on prime time TV.”

everyday georgia project- ga tech

“I struggled with capturing his beautiful spirit while emphasizing the serious, difficult work he’s done.”

the real

“It's not often that people get chosen for a game show on prime time TV. Watch Bashel play celebrity trivia!”

Greenhouse scholars

“Greenhouse Scholars welcomes Bashel Lewis and Amadou Bah as the first class of Scholars from Georgia.”

othniel junior

“King B is an icon, let say it once for all. Colors, classy is my definition for him.”