How To Use Site

#CopeGRAM: Using the hashtag #CopeGRAM under a stylish IG post, you can be chosen to be featured on COPE's instagram page (@CopeFashion_). 


  • Style On Em: Check out the Style On Em tab under categories for fashionable trends, dope outfits, and great sales. I'll give you the inside scoop to all of my favorite sites and inspiration for certain looks. Words that are highlighted will take you to links.   
  • Videos: Check out the Videos tab under categories for commentary videos on the celebrity gossip, stories about life/college, and random questions. 
  • Photos: Check out the Photos tab under categories for high quality pics of myself and others. I'll also be sharing behind the scenes details on every shoot.
  • Lifestyle: Check out the Lifestyle tab under categories to share and read about my daily essentials. Also, I'll posting about music, advice, and cool events. 
  • Travel: Check out the Travel tab under categories to follow my adventures across the world. If you have places you think I should travel, let me know !